Supporting female photographers and young photographers

<aside> 🖼️ NFTs represent a new wave that is already transforming lives. However, overwhelming majority of NFT early adopters are middle-aged white males (just like us, the founders). We are changing that.


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We actively support groups that are currently discouraged by the complexity and the fees: young photographers and female photographers.

Key highlights

👦🏽 $10,000 USD to cover [gas fees](<>) for photographers under 21 years of age
💃🏻 $10,000 USD to cover [gas fees](<>) for female photographers
🚀 Aiming to deploy funds over 4 weeks

Why now

Only 5% of the NFT artists identify as female according to ART Tactic NFT Art Market Report 2021, about 10X less than it should be.

Meanwhile, for young photographers, fronting $300 or more to mint one photo on other platforms is often prohibitive.

We will be creating a DAO that will allow contributors and supporters to collectively own works of art for display or donation and help take this program to a whole different scale. However, to get things rolling, we wanted to start now.


1Roll by Sloika:

Supports photographers under 21 years of age

Supports female photographers